Dialyzer: Trying to understand the origin of "no local return"

Thomas Depierre depierre.thomas@REDACTED
Fri Apr 2 14:57:46 CEST 2021


In looking the source of Dialyzer "no local return", i find this code

In particular, i see that there are two types that can return this message.
"only_normal" and "both".

I understand the other possible "no_return" warnings here, but i do not
understand what situations does "only_normal" and "both" means here and how
they get differentiated. I tried to understand how Dialyzer get to this
decision in the code before that, but i got bogged down.

In particular, i do not understand what the tuple returned by
find_terminals here

Thank you for your help, would be greatly appreciated

Thomas Depierre
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