Optimize some ++ situations

Christofer Tornkvist (ctornkvi) ctornkvi@REDACTED
Tue Oct 27 17:08:58 CET 2020


would it be a stupid suggestion to let add a parameter of list type
to all built-in and library functions returning a list.

The additional list parameter will represent a list-tail that will be appended to the result.
Append would be accomplished by  [ ListResult| MyTail ].

If this was the case, the complier can optimize code like;
erlang:atom_to_list(Atom) ++ MyTail
erlang:atom_to_list(Atom, MyTail)


lists:map(Fun, List) ++ MyTail
lists:map(Fun, List, MyTail)

Or is the compiler able to see this optimization anyhow?

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