[ANN] geas 2.7.0 (Erlang 23.0)

Eric PAILLEAU eric.pailleau@REDACTED
Sun Oct 25 18:55:04 CET 2020


Geas 2.7.0 has been released !

Sorry for the delay, the re-introducing of pg module needed a rewrite
for discontinuous modules and functions.

More than hundred MFAs are discontinuous along Erlang releases :

New update for Erlang 23.1 will come soon...

Geas is a tool detecting the runnable official Erlang release window for
your project.

Geas will tell you also :

     - what are the offending functions in the beam/source files that
reduce the available window.
     - if some beam files are compiled native.
     - the installed patches and recommend patches that should be
installed depending your code.

Geas can be part of your CI process by checking compatibility of your
project against version constraints, before testing it with several OTP

Geas is available as a module, erlang.mk and rebar 2/3 plugins.

Changelog :

    - Rebar users have to upgrade to geas_rebar3 1.4.0

    - Major rewrite and new geas_db database format including semver
string of (possibly non continue) versions of exported MFAs.

    - Now a default T tag is shown with semver compatibility of project
unless a GEAS_MY_RELS variable is set.

Hex.pm :  https://hex.pm/packages/geas


Cheers !


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