Erlang C-node (sockets, accepts, e.t.c.)

Stanislav Ledenev s.ledenev@REDACTED
Fri Nov 20 16:11:03 CET 2020


We are going to write a C-node for communication with our Erlang node.
And we are going to use the erl_interface library.

I need information on how many sockets are used in nodes communication?
One socket for a node? One socket for a message? E.t.c.
I'd like to know this for understanding how differentiates the "classic"
model of
work with sockets (http server, e.t.c.) and model of work when writing

"Classic" for me (server side, brief) is:

     +-> listen(select)
     |     |
     ------+ --'new thread'
             close (accept)

Is it relevant for C-node? One accept per one client/connection?
Or one accept per one erlang message?
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