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Congrats guys !!!


Le mer. 18 nov. 2020 à 21:14, Jesse Gumm <gumm@REDACTED> a écrit :

> Hello again Erlangers!
> In my previous announcement this week about the release of Nitrogen 2.4, I
> <s>ever so slightly</s> hinted at an upcoming book announcement. Well, here
> it is:
> "Build it With Nitrogen" (subtitle: "The Fast-Off-the-Block Erlang Web
> Framework") has been released.
> Authors: Lloyd R. Prentice and Jesse Gumm (hey, that's me!)
> ************************
> Where to buy it
> ************************
> * The Paperback can be bought from Amazon ($40):
> https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0982589247
> * The eBook can be bought from Leanpub (recommended $24, minimum $12,
> Erlang community discount at the end of this email):
> https://leanpub.com/builditwithnitrogen
> * We're planning on having an official landing page for the book up this
> weekend.
> ************************
> About the book
> ************************
> Rusty Klophaus, Nitrogen's creator summarized it better than I could:
> "This book is ambitious. It covers not only Nitrogen and Erlang, but also
> a bit of OTP, databases, git, web design, and software engineering best
> practices. And somehow, it does this well by building up from simple
> concepts in a sort of 'Socratic dialogue'---if Socrates had a 'California
> surfer' sense of humor."
> By the end of the book, you will have learned:
> * how to build basic CRUD interfaces
> * how to build highly dynamic interfaces
> * how to work with the templates and the DOM
> * how to work with logins and password hashing
> * how to use OTP basics with gen_servers and supervisors
> * how to use the databases: ETS, Mnesia, and PostgreSQL
> * interacting with external APIs (in our case, retrieving stock quotes)
> * to build your own behaviours and use those to produce Nitrogen pages
> more rapidly
> * to build custom Nitrogen elements
> * to convert those elements into plugin libraries
> * the basics of web application security
> * the basics of using other front-end frameworks (in our case, Bootstrap)
> * to avoid (as best as possible) potential maintenance traps
> * the basics of git (because I said so, that's why)
> And we do this while trying to teach Erlang along the way.
> My wife Jackie and I are big board game nerds, and when we're learning the
> rules to a new game, she prefers to "learn while doing," rather than
> getting a big rules dump right in the beginning. This book, were she a
> programmer, would appeal to that sense. We lay out a few ground rules about
> Erlang (variables, functions, atoms, and syntax), then jump right into
> making things before the user knows things like iteration.
> Our book is sitting at just around 600 pages, and there are probably
> another 600 pages of material we'd like to write about, but time is a
> thing. Maybe, just maybe a Volume 2 will happen. No promises, though.
> But this initial 600 pages should be a good start, and I think it's a
> pretty easy read. Especially if you like technical books with a more
> conversational tone, maybe a few Midwestern U.S colloquialisms, and a
> healthy smattering of "Dudes" and "Gnarlys."
> ************************
> Discount!
> ************************
> Finally, as a thank you to the Erlang and Nitrogen Communities, if you're
> interested in a discounted ebook copy of "Build it with Nitrogen", please
> shoot me an email at gumm@REDACTED and I'll get a coupon code to
> you. Right now, we're making this offer to the community through the end of
> 2020. If you've already bought a copy (there have been a few of you already
> - thanks!), and would like to receive the discount retroactively, shoot me
> an email and we'll figure out a way to make it happen!
> Thanks for reading, and happy hacking!
> -Jesse
> P.S. If you were one of the few who pre-ordered it, we're working on your
> copies and will be getting them to you when we have them in hand.  I've
> already reached out to you via email to confirm your shipping address.
> --
> Jesse Gumm
> Owner, Sigma Star Systems
> 414.940.4866 || sigma-star.com || @jessegumm
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