Crypto application and OpenSSL library

Michael Yee michael.yee.ottawa@REDACTED
Thu Jun 25 21:13:33 CEST 2020


I have set up the latest release version of Erlang and RabbitMQ which works
fine. I would like to set up TLS with RabbitMQ.

In the online documentation (, it says one
needs to install the Crypto application and OpenSSL library, but that was
reference to an older release or Erlang.

I'm not sure what to do to check to see if these libraries have been
installed or how to install them on Windows.

The passage in the documentation:

For Windows users: Versions of Erlang as recent as R13B03 do not include
the OpenSSL library needed by the crypto application. This post
<> explains how to
install it. It is necessary to install the 32-bit OpenSSL libraries, even
on 64-bit versions of Windows.

The `This post` link points to Erlang solutions website and not a step by
step installation instructions.

thanks for any help,

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