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On Saturday, June  6, 2020, at 22:34 -0500, Yao Bao wrote:


> Our personal device should take full control of our personal 
> data and communication.

In many cases, yes, but not all of them.

> Take email as an example, can we store our email in our personal 
> device? I mean, there is no need of a mail server, for receiving 
> email, an address is a must have option, nothing else.

I travel.  A lot.  My personal device(s) are often disconnected 
from the internet, even when I reach certain destinations, for 
hours or days at a time.  If someone wants to send me email, then 
my email provider's server holds the message until I (and my 
device(s)) are reconnected.  Without that server, the sender and I 
would have to be connected to the internet at the same time, which 
IMO defeats a major feature of email.  Even most SMS (Short 
Message Service, aka "text message") servers will store messages 
when recipients are not connected and forward them when they 
reconnect; that is an invaluable piece of the communications and 
personal data puzzles.

> I have a static website and a dynamic blog hosted by a host 
> provider. Can I do this in my computer or mobile phone? If 
> someone wants to read my shared/published content, a program 
> moves to my personal device and watch it.

Again, that's great, if your computer and your mobile phone are 
connected to the internet all the time.  Also, in the case of a 
blog, is there enough bandwidth, and do you want to pay for it, 
for every reader of your blog to connect to your mobile phone to 
read or watch it?  Do you want the responsibility of keeping your 
mobile phone connected to the internet whenever anyone wants to 
read your blog?  And what happens when you get a new phone?

Actual personal data is different.  Yes, there should be a way, 
for example, to use my credit card or my bank account to pay for 
an item without having to send the vendor my account information.

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