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According to the official site: iSH using a user mode x86 emulator.

I think the full Erlang experience need a port of BEAM, and as Erlang has been used in some IoT devices, it might or should be possible in mobile devices as well.

Recently, some ideas filled in my head, and this topic give me a chance to describe it as clearly as I can.

I watched Joe’s talk ( A Guide for the Perplexed - Joe Armstrong ) on YouTube, in the last chapter of his talk, he said: What we can do? I do copy that list as below:

Unbreak the web: make it read/write symmetric
Bring computation to the edge network
Ensure that all personal data is owned by the individual and not by large corporations
Make computing easy again
Build Apps so they can communicate with each other

And I personally translate above list as one sentence:

Our personal device should take full control of our personal data and communication.

This problem is very difficult to solve. It against how we do things in recent decades with computers.

Trying to understand what the problem really is, I found the Solid Project led by Time Berners Lee, this project is an attempt to solve that problem. But I am not sure, can we solve a problem which might not be solved by itself? Maybe a second computer is needed to detect and handle this error.

This error happened because we do not obey the laws of physics. We copy everything and cache everything, and we call them DATA. When we send a file through network, we just make a copy and send it, the original file does not move.

In physical world, we do copy, but do not apply it to everything. If you want to meet someone, you do not copy and meet this guy in your room, the only way to do this is to move and meet.

Take email as an example, can we store our email in our personal device? I mean, there is no need of a mail server, for receiving email, an address is a must have option, nothing else.

I have a static website and a dynamic blog hosted by a host provider. Can I do this in my computer or mobile phone? If someone wants to read my shared/published content, a program moves to my personal device and watch it.


> 在 2020年6月7日,06:50,Lloyd R. Prentice <lloyd@REDACTED> 写道:
> Hello,
> Big discovery of the day: 
> Beta version of ISH is available on the iPad. Turns out that we can install Erlang and bring up the Erlang shell. 
> Enter iSH in the iPad browser to be invited to help test.
> I just discovered this so haven’t tried to compile a module; nor do I know yet how to move modules to my desktop, but at least this provides an environment for exploring Erlang and testing ideas while lounging on the sofa.
> Love to hear what others find.
> Best wishes,
> Sent from my iPad

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