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Mon Jan 13 18:52:15 CET 2020

Hi Ulf, thank you very much.
I'm not sure I want to add a full application as a dependency at this time but I will definitely look at the code, this will be a good read !

-- lud

Le Lundi, Janvier 13, 2020 17:14 CET, Ulf Wiger <ulf@REDACTED> a écrit:
 FWIW, the KVDB project [1] implemented both priority queues and timers (which quite flexible scheduling options), with persistence. Example, from an Erlang Factory presentation 2013 [2]: 12> kvdb_cron:create_crontab(db, timers).ok13> kvdb_cron:add( db,timers,"{in 3 secs; 3 times}",[],kvdb_cron,testf,[]).{ok,{q_key,<<>>,105729091563262,105729094536167}}14>CRON!! {{{2013,3,19},{21,38,14}},658320}CRON!! {{{2013,3,19},{21,38,17}},655700}CRON!! {{{2013,3,19},{21,38,20}},642523} I haven't touched the code in a long time, but if there is sufficient interest, I could be persuaded to lend support. :) BR,Ulf W [1][2
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