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Tue Jan 7 15:34:23 CET 2020


Yes, after I found that fop is not a must have tool for building Erlang, I removed it from my dev machine (In most circumstances, I need manual pages only).

If I am not the minority, this might be helpful if we implement this feature (I think we can call it install-mans).

I can imagine the use case: build Erlang + manual pages, then deploy the package to the server.

I am not sure, maybe a quick manual pages reading on remote console would be a common use case in production server?


> 在 2020年1月7日,21:05,Lukas Larsson <lukas@REDACTED> 写道:
> Hello,
> On Wed, Jan 1, 2020 at 10:55 AM by <by@REDACTED <mailto:by@REDACTED>> wrote:
> I am wondering any existing method to constrain the “install-docs” command to only install/touch the manual pages?
> As far as I am aware there is no way to do this. You can, however, speed-up the doc build process by making sure that there is no fop tool installed. That way it will not spend time to build the pdf docs, but it will still build the html docs.
> Lukas

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