How to deploy an upgrade (build with rebar3)

Sat Feb 22 13:15:02 CET 2020


I use rebar3 to build my Erlang applications.

For application deployment, I build a compressed archive and copy it to the target. The first release works, but how can I upgrade my application on the running system?

I found some information with this link: <>

But I got error when I try to unpack/install my new release:
Unpack failed: release_package_not_found
Installed versions:
* 1.0.2	permanent

Say, I have a release (1.0.2) which is running, and there are some code changes, I build ($ rebar3 as prod tar) a new release (1.0.3). Is myrel-1.0.3.tar.gz sufficient for deploying the upgrade? I copied the myrel-1.0.3.tar.gz to the root directory of my application.

I think the problem is how to make my new release/version being listed with command: $ bin/myrel versions

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