Erlang on openstack VM with numa awareness

Ameretat Reith ameretat.reith@REDACTED
Mon Feb 17 14:27:28 CET 2020

> I did what you suggested, I’m getting best result on CPU pinning on single
> NUMA0 but in that case I’m wasting my CPU resources. When I trying to CPU
> pinning with dual NUMA then performance is 50% less, I have use all
> available option to correct CPU Topology, threads sibling on same core etc.
> but still erlang doesn’t like dual NUMA VM.
I know libvirt can do CPU pinning so OpenStack can leverage that but never
tested that. Until someone come with better idea, I suggest fire up Qemu
instances with two NUMA nodes and two cpusets. Then find Qemu VCPu
processes (pstree is your friend) and pin them to actual cores in according
to NUMA nodes. If you still got poor performance, I suggest testing
something non-Erlang based, like Redis.
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