windows 10

Edward Halls ehalls@REDACTED
Wed Feb 12 23:59:00 CET 2020

Maybe it had to gwt permission from the nsa for you to run that executable.
So the time it takes to phone their server and back?

Jokes aside, it could be caching and the built in virus scanner. May only
affect you the first time for every new version of the executable. Win10 is
just heavier that Win7 for some reason.


On Wed, 12 Feb 2020, 16:53 Sam Overdorf, <soverdor@REDACTED> wrote:

> I recently upgraded from windows 7 to window 10.
> Now for some reason it takes a long time for "erl" to start.
> Any ideas about what is different on windows 10.
> Thanks,
> Sam Overdorf
> soverdor@REDACTED
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