windows 10

zxq9 zxq9@REDACTED
Thu Feb 13 03:07:49 CET 2020

On 2020/02/13 7:53, Sam Overdorf wrote:
> I recently upgraded from windows 7 to window 10.
> Now for some reason it takes a long time for "erl" to start.
> Any ideas about what is different on windows 10.

How slow are we talking? 2~3 seconds, or longer?

I've noticed that erl.exe starts much slower on Windows (~2s) than Linux 
(0.1~0.4s), but from what I've seen it is about the same on both Windows 
7 and 10. I'm not sure why the Windows build is so much slower, though.

I haven't had any users complain, but my particular case is a bit more 
sensitive to slowish startup times (running client-side code using ZX or 
Vapor to launch it) than the case of running back-end systems that start 
once and run forever.

This seems to happen with several other programs as well, though, so it 
seems like Windows users are conditioned to it -- though I certainly 
wish the situation could be improved (I also wish for cross-platform 
audio and video lib bindings, and a build of erl.exe that doesn't *have* 
to open a Windows console when it is run, but I digress...).


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