[ANN] Zotonic release 0.54.0

Marc Worrell marc@REDACTED
Tue Feb 4 11:53:54 CET 2020


Zotonic is the Erlang CMS and content management framework.

It has nice features like:

 - complete content editing environment
 - flexible media management
 - extensible module system
 - multi lingual content
 - timezone support
 - integrated email handling
 - secure ssl support
 - and much, much, more

Read more at: http://zotonic.com/

We have released Zotonic version 0.54.0.
This is one of our regular maintenance releases.

If you are using mod_geoip then you will need to get a free license key from MaxMind.

Main changes are:

 * Now fixed DHE parameters are used for SSL. If there is an existing DH file then that file will still be used.
 * Options and configurations to set the HSTS headers
 * Upgraded Locus (MaxMind Geo Location Library), now a license key is mandatory.
   See http://docs.zotonic.com/en/0.x/ref/modules/mod_geoip.html
 * A scomp ``ignore_user_inactivity`` is introduced to disable activity tracking.
   This is useful for pages that should not timeout with their session.
 * Generating the translation ``.pot`` files now needs *administrator* or *use.mod_development* rights.
 * Fixes a problem with LinkedIn OAuth autentication
 * Fixes a problem where password reminders could be sent to non-user accounts.

Read the whole release notes here:


And download the release at:



Zotonic Core Team.

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