[ANN] locus: Geolocation and ASN lookup of IP addresses

Guilherme Andrade g@REDACTED
Tue Feb 4 01:45:11 CET 2020

Hello list,

Locus 1.9.0, a geolocation library built on top of MaxMind GeoLite2, was
released today (after a month in beta.)

### Added
- support for downloading databases with full awareness of license keys
(now mandatory)

### Deprecated
- the use of discontinued "
https://geolite.maxmind.com/download/geoip/database/GeoLite2-..." database

* Hex package: https://hex.pm/packages/locus/1.9.0
* Documentation: https://hexdocs.pm/locus/1.9.0/
* Source code (GitHub): https://github.com/g-andrade/locus/tree/1.9.0
* Source code (GitLab): https://gitlab.com/g-andrade/locus/tree/1.9.0

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