dbus service in erlang

Nyirő Gergő gergo.nyiro@REDACTED
Mon Dec 28 17:16:39 CET 2020

Dear list,

I try to write an erlang service which listens on dbus, but it seams
that `gen_dbus` is not operational yet in [erlang-dbus].
I don't know which is the most popular library for dbus in erlang I
found [erlang-dbus], [ebus] and the elixir [dbux].
Does anyone expirence with these libraries?

Any advice is welcome. Best regards,

[erlang-dbus]: https://github.com/jeanparpaillon/erlang-dbus
[ebus]: https://github.com/helium/ebus
[dbux]: https://github.com/mspanc/dbux

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