New EEP draft: Pinning operator ^ in patterns

Mikael Karlsson karlsson.rm@REDACTED
Fri Dec 25 11:41:15 CET 2020

You are not pulling legs with a Christmas joke now Richard?
It looks too ambitious to be that, but I cannot get rid of the feeling.

elixirian: :this_parrot = :alive
erlanger: :this_parrot = :now_destructed
elixirian: :this_parrot = :no_no_only_de_con_structed

ho ho ho,

Den tors 24 dec. 2020 kl 21:10 skrev Richard Carlsson <

> The ^ operator allows you to annotate already-bound pattern variables as
> ^X, like in Elixir. This is less error prone when code is being refactored
> and moved around so that variables previously new in a pattern may become
> bound, or vice versa, and makes it easier for the reader to see the intent
> of the code.
> See also
> Ho ho ho,
>         /Richard & the good folks at WhatsApp
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