[ANN] Erlang LS 0.7.0

Roberto Aloi prof3ta@REDACTED
Wed Dec 23 19:34:16 CET 2020

Hi all,

I'm glad to announce the latest release of Erlang LS, the editor-agnostic
language server for Erlang.

Getting Started
If you don't know what a language server is and how it can drastically
boost your development productivity, here is an intro from the *Code Beam V*


You can also check the Erlang LS documentation on how to get started with
your favourite editor of choice (Emacs, VS Code, Vim, etc):


Highlights from the latest release

   - Add support for snippets (
   - Fix a number of bugs related to POI ranges (thanks to @garazdawi)
   - Complete with arity-only when dealing with a remote fun
   - Complete facelift for docs on hover
   - Include function clauses on hover
   - Introduce symbol highlighting
   - More robust els_code_navigation:find_in_document/5 (thanks to @alanz)
   - Add support for renaming macros and callback functions
   - Be able to navigate to record definitions from types (thanks to

Full Changelog

Thanks to all contributors and especially to Lukas Larsson (Erlang
Solutions/Ericsson), Onno Vos (Klarna) and Alan Zimmerman


Roberto Aloi
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