caused by ?

Peter J Etheridge petergi@REDACTED
Sat Dec 12 06:13:45 CET 2020

Dear Erlangers,
I tried;

Where should i be looking to find the cause of;
=CRASH REPORT==== 12-Dec-2020::16:00:14.342300 ===
    initial call: application_master:init/4
    registered_name: []
    exception exit: {{node_not_running,nonode@REDACTED},
      in function  application_master:init/4
(application_master.erl, line 138)
    ancestors: []
    message_queue_len: 1
    messages: [{'EXIT',,normal}]
    links: [,]
    dictionary: []
    trap_exit: true
    status: running
    heap_size: 376
    stack_size: 28
    reductions: 193

=INFO REPORT==== 12-Dec-2020::16:00:14.345172 ===
    application: wx_mn_app
    exited: {{node_not_running,nonode@REDACTED},
    type: temporary


Thank you in advance.
Happy coding,Peter

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