replace occurences of old BIFs in documentation

Fri Dec 11 20:14:36 CET 2020

Hi all,
some days ago I looked up the examples for list comprehensions in the documentation.
In this example 
   [X || X  3].
I noticed the function integer/1, which I didn't know and also couldn't find in the documentation.
I was wondering why I could use integer/1 in a guard or as list comprehension filter, but not "standalone".
The solution was in a remark for guard expressions, integer/1 is an ancestor of is_integer/1 and should not
be used in new code.
find-grepping through the documentation xml files, I found some more occurences for the old "is_"-prefix-less functions.
I'd be willing to update the xml files, it is not too much work with some nice emacs functions.
First I am asking:
- do you think it is worth the effort?

- is it sufficient to patch the xml files?
If yes, I think that a pull request on github would be the method of choice, right?
kind regards,
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