Erlang: Create a netlink socket, bind to it, send a multicast message and receive a response

Papa Tana papa.tana101@REDACTED
Thu Aug 27 12:27:57 CEST 2020

> gen_netlink can be built with rebar. No need to use the old build chain.

Hmm, I didn't know that I could just ignore tetrapak and use traditional
I can access them now.

> I don't get why you insist on reinventing existing stuff. I get that you
want to learn Erlang, but there are easier projects.

I'm building one yet another ggsn in Erlang, your question is legitimate,
it's because I manage some nodes at Core Network (Voice, SMS, Data, CS, PS,
EPC) and I was amazed how fast I could create some GTP-C message in a very
short time using Erlang, so I would be happy to be able to build a working
ggsn that I understand how everything is working from A to Z, not just
downloading some stuff and watch them in action passively.
So, my gtp-c part is fine, but instead of invoking some libgtpnl at gtp-u
side, I want to answer to some echo-response that I receive at gtp-u, so
the only way is to work at the netlink socket level.

> Anyway, working code for using netlink and the Linux kernel GTP module
can be found here:

I didn't know that gtp_u_kmod can be used with any dummy ggsn, my mistake,
I thought it only worked with ergw.

Now, I have these new elements in hand, I'm already working to make my
gtp-u path working using this gtp_u_kmod.
Hope it will work.
Thank you!

Best Regards,
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