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Richard O'Keefe raoknz@REDACTED
Mon Aug 3 07:03:03 CEST 2020

"Any C program can be compiled statically ..."
Would that it were so.  However,
- you have to have statically linkable versions of
  all the libraries you depend one, but you might
  have been given only .so files
- the operating system has to be willing to run
  statically linked programs.  My preferred operating
  system stopped shifting libc.a and the like years
  ago, which annoyed me greatly at the time.

One way to package everything up so that it appears to
someone installing it as a single file and you are
protected to some extent from clashes whether your
dependencies and others' is to use a container image.
I know, bloat upon bloat.  Feh!

On Mon, 3 Aug 2020 at 12:14, Dmytro Lytovchenko <
dmytro.lytovchenko@REDACTED> wrote:

> Any C program can be compiled statically unless it relies on some dynamic
> loading as part of its work.
> The Problem is that *erl *and few other small tool programs are launching
> `beam.smp` as a part of operation, and compiling each of them statically
> will result in a pile of multi-megabyte executables.
> On Mon, 3 Aug 2020 at 01:13, Grzegorz Junka <list1@REDACTED> wrote:
>> Is it possible to compile Erlang Beam statically so that when I am doing
>> a release it doesn't require any dynamically loaded libraries on the
>> host to which the release is being deployed? I was trying the various
>> configure options but the compilation was failing (for various reasons,
>> mostly missing or conflicting function signatures). I could try again
>> and post exact errors but would prefer to start with a tried and tested
>> set of options.
>> GrzegorzJ
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