OTP 22.1 ssl env protocol_version causes malformed_handshake_data alert

Danil Zagoskin z@REDACTED
Thu Oct 24 17:23:04 CEST 2019


While upgrading to OTP 22.1 I've hit an issue with ssl.

The problem: when connecting to a TLS server with a client certificate,
  'ssl_handshake:select_hashsign' may fail with '{error,badarg}',
  causing 'Handshake Failure - malformed_handshake_data'

This happens because 'SupportedHashSigns = undefined',
  which comes from 'ssl:handle_options' in 'ssl_connection:init'.

    signature_algs = handle_option(signature_algs, Opts, undefined, Role,
undefined, HighestVersion),
    ^^^   this returns 'undefined' because
'tls_v1:default_signature_algs(HighestVersion)' returns 'undefined'

And the problem here was 'HighestVersion = {3,1}' which seemed wrong.

When 'versions' option is not passed, HighestVersion is the head of list
returned from 'tls_record:supported_protocol_versions()',
  and that function just maps 'protocol_version' environment parameter.
If the first version specified in environment is low, the 'HighestVersion'
will contain not a highest version.

So, after setting default ssl protocol versions like this:
  'application:set_env(ssl, protocol_version, [tlsv1,'tlsv1.1','tlsv1.2']).'
the client raises an alert while handling '#certificate_request{}' from

OTP 21 and earlier tolerated the version order in 'protocol_version' env,
and the code was like this:
  signature_algs =

If the new behaviour is intended, it may be useful to describe it in the
man page:
If 'HighestVersion' should always contain a highest version, the obvious
  (but may be not the best) fix is to sort default versions in
  like it is done for specified 'versions'.

Obvious workaround for this is to store 'protocol_version' env parameter
starting from highest version.

Danil Zagoskin | z@REDACTED
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