[erlang-questions] Erl_interface deprication & C Node communication

torrellpremier torrellpremier@REDACTED
Wed Oct 2 12:53:33 CEST 2019

Hi all

I recently found out that in the new OTP 22 release, the legacy
'erl_interface' library is now deprecated and will be removed in OTP 23.

I relied on that library to communicate with my C program, which I'm using
in my current and upcoming projects.

I was wondering what the alternative is to communicate with C Nodes? It
said in the release notes that the 'ei' library will not be removed, which
is great, but there aren't tutorials in the Erlang manual that describe how
to utilize this library, like how there are tutorials for the erl_interface
'erl_' prefixed functions.
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