rebar3 compile dependencies separated from project code

rtp rtp11@REDACTED
Sat Nov 23 10:47:00 CET 2019


I'm build up a docker pipeline for a erlang project.  Currently I build
the whole project in a new erlang-Docker-Container by a

	rebar3 as prod tar

This task downloads and compiles the dependencies every time I build;
because the erlang-container is plain and empty.

I can now call a

	rebar3 get-deps

in a previous container (or step) to get rid of the downloads.

But I want to get a step further an compile the dependencies before
building the application, to compile only the app-code and to make the
build faster.

Does anybody know how to compile dependencies separated from app-code ?

I can't find anything.  Perhaps there's a plugin I don't know!?

Thanks a lot


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