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> >
> >      > We were thinking about re-using the ssl applications TLS 1.3
> >      > implementation. It is not trivial as transport and TLS are
> >     upsidedown
> >      > for QUIC, but should be doable sais Ingela and Peter :p
> >

I think it is doable. I think the big job is implementing the QUIC state
But maybe we need a QUIC flavoured TLS state machine that reuses much of the
same code. Similar to that we have a TLS statemachine, a TLS-1.3
statmachine  and
DTLS statemachine at the moment.

>     If we can have a good interface that has TLS return the
> >     encrypted/decrypted binary data rather than write it directly to the
> >     socket, I could also use it in Gun to support TLS connections over
> >     proxies. Right now it uses the callback module and while it works
> it's
> >     fairly complex.
> >

> Maybe this would be a good starting point for us. Building an API that
> > makes this possible.
We can think about it. This will probably not do it for QUIC as it wants to
handle the encryption part itself. But I think there are many places where
can make
possible new APIs.

So much to do so little time. :-)
Like always, but I do not think QUIC will replace TCP and day soon...  I
think the trick is to find
small steps.

Regards Ingela Erlang/OTP team - Ericsson AB

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