mnesia:ets/2 and secondary indices

Roberto Ostinelli ostinelli@REDACTED
Mon Nov 18 14:59:01 CET 2019

For anyone reading this in the future ^^_ and having the same question: atm
no, indices get not created when writing with mnesia:ets/2.


On Sun, Nov 17, 2019 at 11:44 PM Roberto Ostinelli <ostinelli@REDACTED>

> All,
> I'm using mnesia tables in ram only, not replicated, not fragmented. The
> only reason why I'm using mnesia over ETS is because of the secondary index
> feature in mnesia.
> I'm at about right in terms of requirements for writing performance as per
> now, but would like to know if I can get an extra boost. For this, I was
> wandering if mnesia:ets/2 does create these secondary indices or not. I
> do not seem to find documentation that answers this question.
> Thank you for any insights you may provide,
> r.
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