[erlang-questions] if-elseif-else trick

Thu Feb 21 06:43:11 CET 2019

On 2019年2月20日水曜日 8時16分41秒 JST Donald Steven wrote:
> I don't think:
> -define(true,else).
> yielding ?else ->
> is much of an improvement.
> Why not just allow the keyword else as a synonym for true when its usage 
> would improve the readability? (At times, "true" reminds me of trying to 
> read (SAT-like) sentences like: "Whenever he couldn't think of whether 
> or not he might have forgotten to turn the light on or off, or not.")

Why not just use `if` where it fits semantically?

These periodic discussions of how to use silly cheats to avoid proper
code layout always puzzle me.


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