[erlang-questions] Detect the Erlang cluster connection (ssl/tcp).

Gabriele Santomaggio g.santomaggio@REDACTED
Thu Feb 14 13:02:56 CET 2019

I am looking an easy way to detect the cluster connection (ssl/tcp).

Someone suggested using  net_kernel:nodes_info().  but not totally sure,
because of:
 - nodes_info is undocumented (http://erlang.org/doc/man/net_kernel.html)
so I suppose that should not be used.
- mostly works, but in servers, with multiple network interfaces I can have
an output like this:

$  sudo rabbitmqctl eval "net_kernel:nodes_info()."

so "proxy" "inet" as family address and it is not clear what kind on the
cluster connection is.

In this case, for example, is a ssl cluster

 sudo rabbitmqctl eval "init:get_arguments()."

Is there another way? should I call init:get_arguments() for each node?
Thank you

Gabriele Santomaggio
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