[erlang-questions] terminate supervisor from it's child process

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Thu Feb 14 06:17:09 CET 2019


I'm writing udp server with supervision tree like below.

              (s1for1)      (1for1)
server_sup - udp_sup -  |- udp_worker
                                       |- dtls_worker
                                       |- stun_worker
                                       |- srtp_worker

1. app opening UDP socket
2. server_sup spawn udp_sup process tree with that udp socket
3. udp_worker receives every packet from socket
4. udp_woker passing packet to other worker based on first byte


when timeout in udp_worker happen,
I wanna terminate all processes in udp_sup (including udp_sup)
so I tried shutdown udp_sup with calling `server_sup:terminate_child(pid)`
that's terminates but rises SUPERVISOR REPORT with shutdown_error.

I also tried one_for_all for udp_sup's childspec but I don't want to
restart children because UDP socket already timeouted.

is there any way to terminate supervisor from it's child process ?
or any other recommended process architecture for UDP server ?

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