[erlang-questions] VM leaking memory

Fred Hebert mononcqc@REDACTED
Sat Feb 2 02:11:15 CET 2019

On 02/01, Michael Truog wrote:
>If you move the creation of temporary binaries out of any Erlang 
>processes you have that are long-lived, into short-lived Erlang 
>processes, you would no longer have this problem.  The tuning 
>discussions, allocator options, hibernate use, etc. is not solving the 
>cause of the problem.  Source code should not need to call 
>garbage:collect/0 and using temporary Erlang processes makes the 
>garbage collection occur naturally, at a pace that shouldn't require 
>special tuning.
>Best Regards,

While agree on principle, both calling the garbage collector, tuning the 
allocators, or moving the creation of a sub-binary to a temporary 
process in the current contexts are workarounds over the current 
limitation where the most natural pattern results in a memory leak.

You're suggesting another pattern that conflates code compared to its 
ideal format, which just leaks right now. The problem is not the 
workaround, it's needing it in the first place.

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