[erlang-questions] Test system for automatic testing of an application

Dieter Schön dieter@REDACTED
Tue Apr 2 18:43:11 CEST 2019

Hi all,

I am thinking about creating a test environment for automatically 
testing an application, which is written in C++ and JavaScript.

The application produces several files (logfiles and binary archives) 
and acts as a network server (GUI via HTTP, some other socket interfaces).

The test harness will have to

*  start the application (with parameters)
*  check that it successfully starts (checking the logfile, listening ports)
*  run a test suite for all interfaces and scenarios
*  shutdown the application

I already have an erlang application which can act as a protocol 
simulator for the socket interfaces.

The test harness can run on the same node as the application, so the 
test harness can start it via os:cmd() or a port.

I am considering to use Common Test for the job.

Has anybody used Common Test to verify the correctness of a non-Erlang 

Would it be a good choice? So far, I think that I can map all my test 
scenarios to test cases, groups and suites.



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