[erlang-questions] erlpress_core follow-up

Lloyd R. Prentice <>
Sat Sep 8 06:45:43 CEST 2018


A revered Erlang mentor pointed out that camel case is discouraged in Erlang circles. So I’ll soon change erlPress_core to erlpress_core on GitHub.

But first I’d welcome input on few issues.

1. As stands, text resources and PDF output are hard-wired in code. image resources are tucked away in an obscure directory. These are particularly egregious problems when we specify erlpress_core as a dependency of a higher level application.

So, question: what is the most appropriate way to allow the end user to configure source of text and image resources and destination of generated PDF files?

2. I’d like to resolve a few loose ends before the name change:

- The CMark Markdown interpreter is not yet working as intended.
 - Code that deals with text that spills across panels and pages is incomplete. 
- Code that supports imposition, that is, stuff like labels, business cards, bookmarks,
etc. is incomplete.

Please let me know if other warts in the code come to light.

3. I also have ideas for rendering tables. I’ do hope to get that in.

4. Anything else you’d like to see?

Many thanks,


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