[erlang-questions] [ANN] geas 2.2 (Erlang 21.0)

Thu Jul 12 09:44:13 CEST 2018


Geas 2.2 has been released !

Geas is a tool detecting the runnable official Erlang release window for 
your project.

Geas will tell you also :

     - what are the offending functions in the beam/source files that 
reduce the available window.
     - if some beam files are compiled native.
     - the installed patches and recommend patches that should be 
installed depending your code.

Geas is available as a module, erlang.mk and rebar 2/3 plugins.

Changelog :
	- Update for Erlang 21.0 detection and database

Note : as CORBA module(s) are moved from Erlang 'core', those are marked 
as removed from Geas database starting 21.0. This may change in future.


Cheers !


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