[erlang-questions] Generating a list of lists containing random numbers

empro2 <>
Wed Jul 4 14:03:42 CEST 2018

Are lists not collections of varying size, that tend to grow
or shrink? (there is a tuple_size/1 but no lists:size/1)
and to contain things of not necessarily the same type? (e.
g. proplists)?

Are vectors and matrices not of rather fixed dimensions and
tend to contain similar things (e. g. R^3, or in this thread
R^1000, or Z^1000, or N^1000)?

When I think "matrix", things that come to mind are:

	* {...} (tuple) and element(3, element(2, M)) and
	  setelement/3, ...,

	* stdlib's array:get(3, array:get(2, A)),

	* and in this case especially: array:map(Fun, A).

But these are just some stranger's thoughts ...



That, which was said, is not that, which was spoken,
but that, which was understood; and none of these
necessarily comes close to that, which was meant.

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