[erlang-questions] is sys.config mostly a convention?

Xavier Noria <>
Tue Feb 13 21:11:22 CET 2018

Some explanations of what's a release kind of assume there is a sys.config
file to override application environment variables.

I don't quite find source code in Erlang/OTP that specifically looks for
that file. What I see, instead, is that the scripts generated by build
tools pass -config sys.config to erl(1) if the file exists. Then, the
application controller merges whatever goes in -config (though some
comments in the source code do mention sys.config).

So, is sys.config a special-cased file in releases like other expected
directories or files? Or is it actually just a convention?

I noticed "Designing for Scalability with Erlang/OTP" does not mention sys.
config when explaining releases. It only appears later on together with vm.
args when talking about rebar3.
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