[erlang-questions] Coon - new tool for building Erlang packages, dependency management and deploying Erlang services

Valery Tikhonov valerii.tikhonov@REDACTED
Sun Feb 11 22:05:50 CET 2018

I would like to introduce Сoon <https://github.com/comtihon/coon> - build
and dependency management system and tool for easy deployment Erlang
In short:

   - coon uses prebuilt packages from CoonHub <https://coon.justtech.blog>,
   what reduces build time
   - thanks to github integration it allows to trigger new builds for
   Erlang packages when commiting new tag in repo
   - you can set installation steps to deploy and run Erlang service from
   prebuilt package on system without otp/Erlang installed with `coon install

Documentation, articles and links:

coon (client) - https://github.com/comtihon/coon see Readme.md and doc

coon_auto_builder (server) - https://github.com/comtihon/coon_auto_builder

how to create and build Erlang service from scratch

how to prepare Erlang service for deploy

example service which uses coon https://github.com/comtihon/example_service

example library which uses coon https://github.com/comtihon/mongodb-erlang
Hope you find this tool useful :)
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