[erlang-questions] [ANN] jason 1.0.2

PAILLEAU Eric eric.pailleau@REDACTED
Sun Apr 29 19:17:47 CEST 2018


Jason 1.O.2 has been released !

Jason is a JSON encode/decode library written in Erlang.

This project was mainly created for *easy* handling of JSON from/to 
Erlang records, but allow more common binary struct, proplists and maps 
formats like many other projects.

Jason create for you ad-hoc helper modules for records or can look into 
modules to extract record informations. No parse_transform, Jason is non 
intrusive in your code !

An example is better than a long speech, so have a look to 

jason offer also a rare feature : pretty printing JSON in several 
indentation styles.

Enjoy !

Note: this project has nothing to do with Elixir project with same name.

Project : https://github.com/crownedgrouse/jason
Wiki    : https://github.com/crownedgrouse/jason/wiki

Cheers !


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