[erlang-questions] Job Opening in Australia

Andrew McIntyre andrew@REDACTED
Wed Apr 4 05:00:48 CEST 2018

Hello All,

We are trying to build an erlang based team on the Sunshine Coast,
Queensland Australia. Medical-Objects is a small establish eHealth
company doing secure messaging and Clinical Decision Support and this
is for an R&D project. At this stage we are not looking for remote
developers but are planning professional training in erlang in the
next few months, so extensive experience is not required, but a
passion is.

If you know any talented people interested in learning erlang and able
to relocate to the Sunshine Coast (which is a pretty pleasant place)
please alert them to this add. Thanks



Best regards,
Andrew McIntyre                     mailto:andrew@REDACTED

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R&D Director
4/102 Wises Road


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