[erlang-questions] question re. message delivery

Richard A. O'Keefe <>
Fri Sep 29 00:26:47 CEST 2017

On 28/09/17 3:57 AM, Matthias Lang wrote:

> SMS is a good example, and there's a detail you omitted. Your daughter
> could most likely have seen that the message had not been delivered.

I omitted that detail because of outright ignorance.
I can't find anything about that feature in my phone's settings.
(It's a Nokia feature-phone, which I like because it is too dumb
to do bad things...)

> SMS has a mechanism for telling the sender that a particular message
> was delivered to the phone.

And _that_ is a detail that I _did_ mention.
Delivery to the *phone* is not the same as delivery to the *owner*;
someone else might have read it (I have known this to happen) and
the fumble-fingered owner might have accidentally deleted it before
actually reading it (I haven't quite managed that yet, but I am
certainly fumble-fingered enough to accidentally delete messages
before sending them).

In short, you still can't depend on the person you were trying to
communicate with having received the message unless/until they
tell you they did.

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