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A thing to think about is third party non-Erlang.

For example, an awful lot of Erlang projects utilise a C based JSON parser. I don't think anyone does that because they prefer C - it happens because the existing pure Erlang JSON parsers work well and are safer - but hit performance issues at a certain scale.

I'm sure there are similar examples such as database drivers you could refer to. You could remove a lot of C from the average Erlang project by tackling the things that aren't parts of the usual distribution, whether that's "write it in Rust" or, more controversially, "make Erlang fast enough that pure Erlang JSON is acceptable".

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This is a nice discussion and it is hard to track all messages here.

I just want to insert that rust is in a beginning of its way.  There are lots of places that can degrade performance very seriously and are far for C level.  So keep it calm =)

However it is possible to make parts of system in it and it is good.
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