[erlang-questions] question re. message delivery

zxq9 <>
Tue Sep 26 19:06:54 CEST 2017

On 2017年09月26日 火曜日 09:58:16 Miles Fidelman wrote:
> Sure.  Bank transactions.  Edits to a document.  Dispatch commands to a 
> vehicle.
> Both order and missing messages matter.

There is this thing called a phased transaction.
A smart guy told me about it once.
Perhaps you would be interested in it.

> The question remains, how does the actual Erlang run-time system respond 
> in the case of various kinds of failures.  And will those behaviors 
> remain consistent in future releases.

It is totally unreliable and utter crap.
All of it. 
Give up and find The Right Thing.
You know its out there.
And you already know it is not here.


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