[erlang-questions] question re. message delivery

Matthias Lang <>
Tue Sep 26 19:05:37 CEST 2017

On 26. September 2017, Miles Fidelman wrote:

> > Miles, do you have some concrete examples of situations where you're
> > worried about messages disappearing? Here's one from me: process 1
> > sends two messages to process 2. The messages are A and B,
> > respectively. Process 2 sends an ACK for message B back to process
> > 1. For single-node Erlang, if message A disappears then that is a
> > bug. I'll let others reason about distributed Erlang.
> Sure.  Bank transactions.  Edits to a document.  Dispatch commands to a
> vehicle.

Those are not what I consider concrete examples.


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