[erlang-questions] Nested Case Statements v.s. multiple functions

zxq9 <>
Mon Sep 25 17:26:05 CEST 2017


On 2017年09月26日 火曜日 00:11:00 you wrote:
> handle_request(Target, User, Context, ExternalThingy) ->

Should be handle_request4/4.

> pre_check(Action, User, Context, ExternalThingy) ->
>     Checks =
>         [fun check_request/2,
>          fun check_permission/2,
>          fun check_dispatch_target/2,
>          fun check_condition/2],

These should all be arity of one, obviously.

I knew something like this was bound to happen at 00:25... ;-)

Anyway, hopefully I explained more than I confused.
The main point remains: you are on the right track and your code will become much nicer to read in short order.


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