[erlang-questions] Making a minimal distributable program in Erlang.

Joe Armstrong <>
Wed Sep 20 12:22:03 CEST 2017


I want to ship Erlang as a component inside a
larger application to run on Windows

Assuming the larger application has reserved space
for Erlang at some destination directory $DEST then I need
to copy a subset of the files from a standard
distribution into $DEST.

On a Mac I have reduced the number of necessary files to 11
(could be 10 if you remove start.script)

├── bin
│   ├── beam.smp
│   ├── erl_child_setup
│   ├── erlexec
│   ├── start.boot
│   └── start.script
├── erl
└── lib
    ├── compiler-7.0.2.ez
    ├── kernel-5.1.ez
    ├── sasl-3.0.1.ez
    └── stdlib-3.1.ez

I've thrown away all the libraries apart from compiler etc.

I'm trying (unsuccessfully) to do the same thing on windows - does anybody
know how to make a minimal Erlang for windows? - which files must be
copied and which files must be patched????

As an afterthought - it would be *very nice* to have a program which
makes a minimal distributable program for Windows/Mac/Linux.

I was thinking along the lines of running the program twice - in run one
I'd trace all calls to discover which modules were actually called, then
from this information build a minimal distributable program.



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