[erlang-questions] Light-weight operating systems supporting Erlang in production web servers

Wed Sep 20 11:36:32 CEST 2017

On Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 11:12 AM, Adam Lindberg <> wrote:
> Hi Richard and Lloyd,
> We target smaller embedded systems that could benefit from Erlang, whereas on a Raspberry Pi (even zero) or Beagleboard you can easily run Linux and Erlang on top. The goal is to be able to work as much as possible with hardware in Erlang. We combine Wi-Fi with support more standard connectors, such as ports for PMODs, I²C, 1-Wire an so on. Our 300 Mhz CPU uses much less energy and the board is aimed at being an evaluation board for (then cheaper) embedded systems.

Booting system from SD Card will not make it in production. I think
you'll need bigger non-volatile storage on the board.

And why RTEMS when there is now Zephyr and RIOT with all necessary IoT
libs - like MQTT and CoAP?

> As for the price, mainly it's a matter of scale. We suspect Raspberry Pi still looses money on their production, selling units at a loss. We are prepared to loose money on the development, but we are selling the hardware at cost.

RPi has deals with Broadcom, I doubt that they loose money.


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