[erlang-questions] Choice in Distributed Databases for a Key/Value Store

Bence Golda <>
Fri Sep 15 19:56:33 CEST 2017

...or Barrel-DB: https://barrel-db.org/ ?

BR, Bence

On 09/15/2017 19:48, Heinz N. Gies wrote:
> Have you considered Risk? It’s a distributed erlang nosql/k/v store.
>> On 15. Sep 2017, at 18:43, code wiget <
>> <mailto:>> wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I am at the point where I have many Erlang nodes, and I am going to
>> have to move to a distributed database. Right now, I am using a basic
>> setup: each Erlang node has a copy of the same Redis DB, and all of
>> those DBs are slaves(non-writable copies) of a master. A big problem
>> with this is obvious - If the db goes down, the node goes down. If the
>> master goes down, the slaves won’t get updated, so I would like to
>> move to a distributed db that all of my nodes can read/write to that
>> can not/does not go down.
>> The nodes do ~50 reads per write, and are constantly reading, so read
>> speed and consistency is my real concern. I believe this will be the
>> node’s main speed factor.
>> Another thing is that all of my data is key/key/value , so it would
>> mimic the structure of ID -> name -> “Fred”, ID->age->20, so I don’t
>> need a SQL DB.
>> A big thing also is that I don’t need disc copies, as a I have a large
>> backup store where the values are generated from.
>> I have looked at as many options as I can ->
>> Voldemort : http://project-voldemort.com/ 
>> - looks perfect, but there are 0 resources on learning how to use it
>> outside of their docs and no Erlang driver, which is huge because I
>> would both have to learn how to write a c driver and everything about
>> this just to get it to work. 
>> Cassandra: http://cassandra.apache.org/
>> - looks good too, but apparently there is a small community and
>> apparently isn’t updated often
>> Scalaris: https://github.com/scalaris-team/scalaris/blob/master/user-dev-guide/main.pdf
>> - Looks very very cool, seems great, but there is 0 active community
>> and their GitHub isn’t updated often. This is a distributed all
>> in-memory database, written in Erlang.
>> So from my research, which consisted heavily of this
>> blog:https://www.metabrew.com/article/anti-rdbms-a-list-of-distributed-key-value-stores ,
>> I have narrowed it down to these three.
>> BUT you are all the real experts and have built huge applications in
>> Erlang, what do you use? What do you have experience in that performs
>> well with Erlang nodes spread across multiple machines and possibly
>> multiple data centers?
>> Thanks for your time.
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