[erlang-questions] prim_inet:send/3 hangs with nonexisting port

Salikhov Dinislam Dinislam.Salikhov@REDACTED
Thu Sep 14 16:55:04 CEST 2017


I have ejabberd based application.
I've paid attention that some of the processes have messages in their 
message queue and their reductions number doesn't change.

After some investigation I've figured out that all such processes waits 
in prim_inet:send/3 with a port passed there (each process with a 
separate port).
But when I've tried to find the port in erlang:ports(), there is no such 
port in it.
Is it a bug I stumbled upon or such situation may be possible under 
normal operation?

P.S. I use OTP-18.3

Thanks in advance.
Salikhov Dinislam

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