[erlang-questions] Erlang VM in Rust

Heinz N. Gies <>
Wed Sep 13 17:11:12 CEST 2017

There are some really big point to consider for not doing it too:

For once Rust is in it’s infancy, the whole language still changes, code that works today might not work tomorrow and libraries often depend on nightly builds and new features. This goes 100% against the erlang philosophy if a long time maintained system. A large project like erlang will amplify this problem even more then small projects do.

Rust supports a lot less platforms then C, erlang runs perfectly fine on nearly everything, rust won’t even run on FreeBSD 12 at this point. It would turn erlang on yet another ‘We only care about Linux’ project which would make me vomit. (Depending on who you ask making me vomit might not be a bad thing …)

That said rust is cool for NIFs and small projects, but the requirements for a platform like erlang are vastly different.
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